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Berny Tia - Hair and Makeup Artist


Airbrush Makeup Artistry

Precision Haircutting 


Advance Makeup Artistry

Hair Coloring, Rebonding and Treatments

Quiet, simple and humble.  That is me, Berny Tia.  Aside from giving my clients the proper makeup look for their occasions, I can also give them a good hair sculpting with various techniques of cut, texture and color.  But lately it is my Bridal hair and makeup skills my clients are raving about.

My Bride-to-Bes' love my Bridal make-overs because they are simple and timeless in character.  Through my years of experience as a hair and makeup artist, I have come to perfect the “no makeup look” method that I believe is the most appropriate for Bridal Makeup.  In my own conservative nature, my aim is not to create a “mask” of a makeup for the Bride in her most special day.  It still has to be the same face that her man loved from day one, just enhanced and elegantly polished.

For my clients, Brides specially, I use the best brands of Professional High Definition makeup that, if properly applied, has been proven to last the whole day and even up to the wee hours of party nights.  But still, though physically taxing on my part, I still prefer to stand and watch over my Brides during the whole event.  Because we will never know what incident may occur along the way.  She is a Berny Bride after all and she deserves the best on her day.  I believe Bridal Hair and Makeup is Makeup artistry of a higher level, given the importance of the day.

How should an artist treat his Art Work?  Would he just leave it unattended under sun and rain?

          Michelangelo had his “David” Sculpture
          Da Vinci had his “Mona Lisa” Painting,
          I have my “Berny Brides”.  :-)